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Hey folks, hope you’re all happy & well. Sorry to begin on a negative note. I won’t sugar coat, the past couple of weeks for me have been pretty shitty. In that time I’ve seen a urology nurse specialist, a continence nurse specialist, a urology consultant, I’ve chased GPs on the telephone, attended a pre-op and on Friday I had surgery under general anaesthetic. So todays message will be brief as I’m not feeling entirely human right now. No photos either I’m afraid as I currently look like the Crypt Keeper, and trust me no one wants to see that!

It has also been a sad time due to a family bereavement; two days before my birthday a girl of only 15 died from neurofibromatosis type 1. This is a very rare and little known condition. My knowledge of it is limited and so I refer you to this website if you wish to learn more.

Furthermore, two days after my birthday is the anniversary of my Nans death. So all things considered, sadly I have not yet felt inclined to enter into the festive spirit. But I will now make the effort to try. Mom (no not Mum, I’m a West Midlander 😉) has already decorated our home both inside and out with lights and wreaths. Yesterday she and Dad put the tree up, a real one as always. You can’t beat a real tree!

To end more positively, Id like 2 say thankyou for the overwhelming response to my last post My life with Ullrich congenital muscular dystrophy. I hoped, but honestly never expected anyone to read it let alone relate to it. The feedback I have received, particularly on Facebook has been so kind and supportive. Your response has given me the much needed confidence to continue blogging. So I thank you all, sincerely.

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