I miss… I’m thankful #15

A little lighter than last Friday’s post (and one for the girls!)…

I miss… being able to quickly, easily and efficiently shave my own legs.

I have Ullrich congenital muscular dystrophy. With that comes muscle degeneration, contractures and scoliosis. Over the years these have all progressed, thereby making everyday tasks increasingly difficult since mobility is restricted.

With regards to shaving, the main obstacle for me is the shortening of the tendons in my arms, resulting in severe contractures. I can now no longer extend my elbows beyond an approximate 80° angle.

So, after (briefly) considering an ‘au naturel’ look, I investigated alternative methods of hair removal.

Of course I could simply seek assistance with shaving. But I try my best to maintain as much independence as possible for as long as possible.

I’m thankful… I discovered the Razor Reach – an extendable addition to any non-electrical shaver. It’s simple to use, even for me, and can reach up to 18 inches.

Aimed primarily at pregnant women, the Razor Reach is not currently available in the UK though it can be purchased online.

If like me, you struggle to keep your legs silky smooth and fuzz free, I definitely recommend investing in a shaver extension device such as the Razor Reach.

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