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I was out shopping yesterday in my trusty Quantum 600 powered wheelchair. While the many other shoppers bustled past without a second thought, one considerate old lady stopped and asked if I needed her help to reach anything.

As my fellow wheelchair users will know, shopping can be frustrating for various reasons. Not only are we grappling with the general public (the pushing, shoving and impatience), and trying to navigate narrow aisles without running over anyones toes; we are also bum height! 😣

Not only that – reaching anything both above or below torso level is a challenge, particularly with elbow contractures and poor grip (as in my case).

So, just those few kind words from one generous old lady truly made my day, yesterday. It really is the little things in life – the small gestures – that make a big difference. If only everyone was so thoughtful!

I am aware that some disabled individuals may take offence at such an offer, presumably seeing it as a sign of pity – the implication being we cannot cope by ourselves. However, I personally cannot construe it as anything other than sincere concern for a fellow human being. We all need help and support every once in a while, regardless of ability or circumstance. Even if you don’t require assistance from others, at least have the courtesy to decline their offer politely.

#respecttotheoldies ✌💗


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