I miss… I’m thankful #9

I miss… being able to wear (pretty much) whatever I want.

As I have aged and my condition has deteriorated, so too has my physicality. The progression of my scoliosis has caused considerable asymmetry and shortening of the torso, making the task of finding suitable clothing increasingly difficult.

These days I live in a uniform of black leggings and baggy tops, jumpers and cardigans. As much as I’m interested in fashion and the latest trends, just like most women my age, my sartorial priorities are now very different to what they were some 15+ years ago. I favour comfort, practicality and insulation over aesthetics.

I wish I could wear short skirts, skinny jeans and tight-fitting dresses as my peers do. But I just can’t, that’s the way it is. Let’s be honest though, as frustrating as it may be at times, it’s really not the end of the world!

I’m thankful… I can still put my own makeup on.

I’m not a girly girl, never have been. I’m not the type to wear makeup every day. But I am an artistic type and fairly particular to boot. By that I mean that if and when I do wear makeup, I like to do it properly. I can’t just slap it on.

Thankfully I still have the strength, grip and dexterity to apply my own makeup with the precision I strive for. I appreciate that many with muscular dystrophy lack or lose this ability and must therefore rely on others to carry out the activity for them.

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